How This All Got Started…



OK.  Here’s the thing.  I am no chef.  I am okay with this, but I KNOW I can follow a recipe and put a little variety into my weekly dinner line-up.  The thing is, it is a commitment and well…to be honest, I like to find recipes and change them up a bit.  This leads to either disaster or success…


So, here it is, online for all to see.  In 2015 I will try at least one new dinner recipe every week.  I will put my recipe, feedback, etc. here.  This way I can come back to the “good” ones and toss the “bad” ones.  These are the experiments!


I am cooking for five, three of them children, all with wildly different tastes.  I will not always be successful, but maybe there will be some that everyone will eat!  I will provide feedback on other people’s recipes and those that I have made my own through experimentation!


I love to run and be active.  I plan to use mostly clean eating or reasonably healthy recipes, but I may have some fun sometimes, too!  My grandmother told me when she was ill that if she had it to do again, she would eat more of what she loved.  We will do some of that, too!

It should be a great time, and at the very least, turn out a few new recipes to add to my “go-to” recipe box!

Wish me luck!


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